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Paint Correction

There is nothing more annoying than a car with swirl marks and a rough surface. Swirl marks block reflection and prevent your vehicle from shining under the sunlight, and when the surface is contaminated by the elements, the paint won't absorb the wax or sealant causing an un-protected surface. The Paint Correction Detail is the perfect choice for a great finish look paint. The clay bar treatment will purify and smooth the paint, the compound will remove swirl marks and imperfections, the ultra-fine polish will enhance shine, gloss and reflection, and the premium 100% Brazilian carnauba crème wax will add a deep shine and an amazing look. Get your vehicle looking like a show car Today! 

Level 1: Fine Polish     Coupes & Sedans - $189

SUV - $239

XL SUV - Pickups - $289

Level 1: Fine Polish     Coupes & Sedans - $189

SUV - $239

XL SUV - Pickups - $289

Level 2: Medium correction     Coupes & Sedans - $249

SUV - $299

XL SUV - Pickups - $349

Level 3: Advanced correction     Coupes & Sedans - $319

SUV - $369

XL SUV - Pickups - $419

Scratch Repair

Got a scratch? Don't Worry! We are pros at removing and repairing scratches. Whether it's a light-surface scratch or a deep scuff, nothing is bigger than our experience and skills. Just bring your vehicle, seat and relax while we do our magic.

white paint scratch.jpg

Sratch repair starting at $39.00

Got a scratch?

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